What Is the Recipe for Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee has recently surfaced as a great keto-friendly way to boost your energy without adding to your waistline. But what is the recipe for bulletproof coffee, and can you make it with any coffee?

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

Also known as Butter Coffee, bulletproof coffee is a high-calorie drink that has added fats. It’s meant to jumpstart the day, getting you off to a quick start. Dave Asprey, the creator of the Bulletproof Diet, created it.

Bulletproof coffee is popular with low-carb and keto diets because it provides all the energy and nutrients you need in the morning without a huge dump of carbs to go with it.

The term “bulletproof coffee” is now widely used as a catch-all term for any keto-friendly coffee, and not necessarily only with branded coffee beans.

Is Bulletproof Coffee a New Invention?

Although the branded bulletproof coffee revolutionized the idea of high-carb, low-fat coffee, it’s not entirely new. Cultures and communities have consumed high-fat beverages like butter coffee and butter tea worldwide for years. The Sherpas of the Himalayas along with the Gurage of Ethiopia are two examples. It’s popular in communities that live at high altitudes because they need more calories to go about their day. This shows that butter coffee is a great energy boost and a simple way to ensure you’re meeting your calorie needs without adding more carbs.

What is the Bulletproof Coffee Recipe?

To create bulletproof coffee, you combine brewed coffee with a source of clean fat. There are a handful of ways to do this, but we’ll start with the classic recipe.

Classic Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

To create the classic bulletproof coffee, you can use bulletproof coffee beans from Bulletproof, ghee, and MCT oil.

The recipe for bulletproof coffee is:

  • 1-2 tbsp unsalted, grass-fed butter or 1-2 tsp Ghee

To make classic bulletproof coffee:

  • Brew 1 cup of coffee using bulletproof coffee beans
  • Add coffee, butter or ghee, and MCT oil to a blender.
  • Blend for 20-30 seconds until it has the consistency of a creamy latte.

Hot coffee is important because it will make the butter or ghee melt smoother and blend better into the coffee. If you’re looking for an iced bulletproof coffee, follow the same steps, but then pour the coffee over ice to get the perfect smooth bulletproof coffee with the right temperature for you iced coffee sippers.

Do I Have to Use Bulletproof Coffee Beans to Make Bulletproof Coffee?

In short, no. Although bulletproof coffee beans aren’t bad for you and are what bulletproof coffee was originally formulated with (so it has the perfect coffee notes to go along with butter and MCT oil), you don’t have to use the bulletproof branded beans to get the keto-friendly experience.

The most important part of bulletproof coffee is that it is high fat and low carb. That’s what makes it keto-friendly and gives it weight-loss and energizing benefits. Bulletproof coffee achieves this by adding butter or ghee, which is high in fat.

When it comes to branded beans, opinions vary. The Bulletproof brand says that their beans are especially lab processed to be different than other beans, but many coffee aficionados are skeptical about this. Of course, if you don’t want to be paying almost twice the regular going rate for branded bulletproof coffee beans, you can always use regular dark roast coffee.

What is MCT Oil, and Do I Need to Use It to Make Bulletproof Coffee?

MCT oil is a supplement compiled from a type of fat called medium-chain triglycerides. Because they’re medium-chain, the molecules are smaller and easier to digest than most of the fats you consume. This makes MCT quickly absorb into your bloodstream, turning it into energy.

Although almost any bulletproof coffee recipe you can find calls for MCT oil, you don’t HAVE to use it. The most important thing is to have high-fat content. You can achieve this by using substitutions for MCT oil.

MCT oil is ordinarily made from coconut or palm kernel oil, both of which have MCT in them. That’s why coconut oil is one of the most commonly used substitutions for MCT oil. Other popular MCT substitutes include extra virgin olive oil or hemp seeds oil.

If you use a substitute for MCT oil, start with a little less than the recipe calls for, and adjust to taste.

Can You Use Dark Roast Coffee for Bulletproof Coffee Recipe?

Absolutely, and please do. Because dark roast coffee has such a bold flavor profile, it can often lend itself well to making bulletproof coffee. Choose a full-bodied dark roast or whatever favorite you have on hand. What’s important is that you like the taste of the coffee.

Can You Use Instant Coffee for Bulletproof Coffee Recipe?

Instant coffee works great for bulletproof coffee. The great thing about bulletproof coffee is that you can make it with any kind of coffee. So if you don’t have a brewer handy, you can still have a bulletproof coffee with your favorite type of instant coffee.

Do-It-Yourself Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

There are a couple of different forms of do-it-yourself bulletproof coffee. Because you don’t have to use the branded bulletproof coffee beans, you can get as inventive with them as you want. The most important part is ensuring you have a high-fat and low-carb balance.

Basic Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

The most basic bulletproof coffee recipe is to gather the following ingredients and toss them in a blender until creamy and wonderful:

  • 1 cup of strong, high-quality coffee
  • 1-2 tbsp unsalted, grass-fed butter or ghee
  • 1-2 tbsp MCT oil or a substitute

Extra-Flavour Basic Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

The branded bulletproof beans are often said to have a creamy and spicy taste to them when combined with butter or ghee. To achieve that, add ½ teaspoon to your bulletproof coffee recipe.

Pumpkin Spice Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Who doesn’t love a PSL? If you’re doing a keto diet and super disappointed you can’t indulge in a pumpkin spice latte this season, fear not. To make a pumpkin spice bulletproof coffee, use:

  • 2 tbsp unsalted, grass-fed butter or ghee
  • 2 tbsp MCT oil or a substitute
  • 1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
  • 1 cup of strong, high-quality coffee
  • 1/3 cup organic pumpkin puree
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • Cinnamon and nutmeg to taste

Enjoy a Bulletproof Coffee Today

Bulletproof coffee is a superb way to get a high burst of energy without pumping your body full of chemicals from an energy drink. Keto-friendly, it’s the perfect marriage of weight-loss goals and energy needs.

For more recipes for the best coffee around, visit our website.

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